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8 Things the Trees Taught Me on My Nature Walk This Morning

They don’t need words to express truths.

If you develop deep roots, you can withstand pitfalls.

I have heard the word “roots” used to describe family ties or heritage. Those ties can supply some footing, but it is important to develop deep roots on an individual level. Knowing yourself, who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, those are your personal deep roots. You don’t have to have a family or outlined heritage to have stability. Even if you do have those things, you should be able to hold your ground without them. When the ground crumbles beneath you, and at some point in life it will, you will find a way to persist.

Your own roots may become a haven for others.

Once you find your true place, once you establish yourself, who you are and what you offer to this world, you invite a sanctuary where others can thrive as well. Your new found friends may surprise you.

Sometimes you have to change course to reach your highest potential.

It is subtle, but this tree took a definite alteration in trajectory towards its canopy. Sometimes others grow faster than you do. Sometimes things get in your way. It is important to have a goal, but it is just as important to learn to be flexible and adapt to change.

The end of one form of life can provide a stockpile for another form of life.

So maybe you were once a tall tree (career wise) and everyone looked up to you but then one day, BOOM, it all came crumbling down. It dis not athe dissolution of your life. It’s only the end of one form of your life. The same material that made you a tall tree can make you the perfect terrain for a new and different kind of growth.

Living in a community benefits all involved.

The trees, the grass, the vines, the ferns, the birds, the snakes, the butterflies and bees. Each is so very different with different needs and different capabilities. Some are immobile. Some are not green. Some live for months and others for years. None of those things affect the value each member brings to the community. Without the grass, where would the snake hide? Without the trees, where would the birds live? Without the butterflies and bees, who would propagate the next generation of trees and ferns?

You can feel empty inside and still appear to be living a healthy life.

Devastation doesn’t stop life. But it can change how you reinforce it.

If you look for sorrow, you will find it.

Peace and happiness take much less effort. Simply enjoy the journey.

Nature will outlast technology.

I applaud technologies that have been developed to curb climate change. The unfortunate reality is that technologies that turn a profit will be produced in greater numbers and larger scale than those invented to save the planet. I would like to see that trend reversed. How do we eradicate greed and encourage empathy?

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