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The Purpose


The books I read and review will not be found in the center aisle of Barnes & Noble or on the “recommended” list on an Amazon Prime page. They are fringe books, offering a less than popular perspective on education, politics, government, religion, society, nature and the state of humanity. On occasion a free thought article may appear without the catalyst of a book but simply my own musings. My aim is to examine the aspects of modern society that do not serve the human spirit but crush it so that we can all find a more peaceful and natural way of living.


The Name


“Oh the Humanity” was a phrase used by reporter Herbert Morrison at the Hindenburg disaster, but it was first used in a short story by Herman Melville in 1853, “Bartleby the Scrivener”.  Bartleby is employed in a dead letter office, managing undeliverable letters. The story follows the decline of his human spirit in a menial job with no friends and no outlet for his humanity. He commits suicide by starving himself to death, preferring to die rather than live a life void of purpose.

The last line of the story is “Ah Bartleby! Ah Humanity!”

The Story…